Keith Kaplan

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Twenty years ago, when creativity and technology were beginning to merge you would have found Keith making music and films, doing graphics and photography, programming computers and websites. You might have thought, “How can you do all these different things?”. “Well”, he said, “computers really”. And Keith never looked back.
Keith Kaplan founded KKMedia Inc. in 2001 with the convergence of creative and technology in mind. He aims to place a dynamic team of creatives and technologists under one banner.
Parthiva Bhoyar

Parthiva Bhoyar

Chief Technology Officer
After completing his bachelors in Information Technology, Parthiva’s adventure continues to Silicon Beach. Armed with a Masters in Computer Science from The University of Southern California, he strives to be a master of front-end and backend development — knowing over ten programming languages to address various client needs
Parthiva Bhoyar is always inventing a new, more efficient, code base and innovative ways of using technology; and frankly never wants to do the same thing twice.
Sean Fitzpatrick

Sean Fitzpatrick

Chief Creative Officer

Hailing from the heartland in Illinois, Sean is a young inventor, musician, film maker, mad scientist and designer whose flexibility and creativity has been invaluable for KKMedia.

When Sean is in the flow he is making the final touches on the commercials, making sure the sounds are tight, and tossing in a heaping of branding in the mix to keep the beat moving. Also, this creative genius spends his time crafting music with computer programs.

Sean knows good beer and likes to wrestle with his two awesome dogs, Banksy and Tesla.

Tim Rosenberg

Tim Rosenberg

Product Specialist

If anyone knows people, it’s our Southern charmer, Tim. He landed here from North Carolina, traveling and saying “Yes” to life. Tim is a graphic designer and technologist with a zest for business — not a bad mix for our clients with all the different acronyms flying around these days.

Tim is always working to find new opportunities to connect the best solutions with the best answers for each client and project. If style and flair were a genetic trait and showed under the microscope, Tim’s DNA would be on the cover of GQ.