The Business Builder Platform a Turnkey Inbound Marketing Package

We all know we need to…

Refresh or build a new website and update our social media on a regular basis but where is the time? With the speed technology is moving how do you keep up? With the KKMedia Inc. Business Builder Packages featuring our Turnkey Inbound Marketing Package we’ve got you covered.

Why a KKMedia Inc. Turnkey Inbound Marketing Package?

We all have a cousin, friend, or hook-up with this person that has this person that can do a website, social media, public relations, etc…and we all also try to do it ourselves. How do we know this, because we have been there. That’s why we have created a revolutionary price for a revolutionary service. Choose the design of your site and the features and we will do the rest, even host it and maintain it. We will also set up your social media and manage including as a newsletter and SEO. And if you already have your social media setup, we will handle the management and all this for a low monthly cost.

Let’s really look at this…

If your time was worth say $75 hour to you (we know your worth more) and managing your website, SEO and social media took you 10 hours a month you have spent $750 of your time, well we can do this for $299 a month. Now let’s look at this with creating a nicely designed 7 to 10 page website built on a solid WordPress Content Management System. If it took you 4 weeks to set it up part time in total that is probably 100 hours which equals at $75 an hour a total of $7,500, it’s really different when you look at the reality of what your time and efforts are worth, we can do this for you for $2,999.

KKMedia Inc. is an established company

Founded in 2001 and we are proud to be 100% american made and serviced. We pride ourselves on customer service and offering the best customer experience we can provide. Please contact us anyway you wish to discuss how we can be of service to you and your business.

What’s included in the Turnkey Inbound Marketing Package:

1. Professional Website –

A professional 7-10 page website were you choose the design, not one created by your cousin’s cousin on some make it yourself website, a real professional website with a content management system that you can use.

2. Website Maintenance –

The care and maintenance of your website and the changes that you need to stay current with the content on your website. *Included in the basic package is 6 hours a month of website maintenance.

3. Google Analytics –

We will install and maintain Google Analytics on your website so you know exactly whats happening with your online traffic.

4. SEO –

the weekly management and care of your Organic Search Engine Optimization to have the best chance of being found by your customers.

5. Social Media Marketing –

The setup and/or maintenance of your Social Media accounts on a weekly basis to maximize your engagement with your customers. Things like finding and posting relevant news and articles about things your customers are interested in, or sharing a great blog post. Included in the package is 2 postings a day to your social media network that are relevant to your business and your customer.

6. A Blog or Newsletter –

designed to match your website and posted to your blog or sent to your email network twice a month with the content you provide. *For small additional fee we can create the content for you.

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*Websites are built on the WordPress PHP platform and 3 apps and 3 widgets are Included in the website, additional features can be added for an additional fee. Each package has a set amount of time for website maintenance, social media management, reputation management, organic search engine optimization, blog posting and or content creation, and based on the level of the package purchased additional maintenance can be added for an additional expense. Requests are best handled with a support ticket and response times for all requests are 24 to 48 hours and most requests are completed within 72 hours.

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DISCLAIMER: Prices ARE NOT FINAL and negotiable depending on the following factors — overall scope, bundled services, specialized requirements and timeline. If you have specific requests, make sure you fill out the comments section above. If you are looking for an enterprise solution not covered here, call us at 213.910.3837 or message us for a quote.